Le Journal de Yuki

lundi, juillet 11, 2005


I finished the final presentation for the English class, I'm so happy about that. Cant stop my self writting and speakin in English! Though, I knew I'd better not to do that, Pleeeze, just understand.

So many people have come and you must be really h@ppy avout that. we know you'll be fine in the US. You WIll and you Should! and then COME BACK!

Hey you, you talk too much about it! and it makes me really embrassed.
I know you want make me so, BUt just stop doing that! I don't want to be such a ... you know ..being so silly. (J, i'm not saying to ya, so don't misunderstand!)

Still i'm confused.
Ohhhh , I hav another final exam tommrow again! :<